Icehouse Canyon and Timber Mountain, 07/10/2010

Off in the distance

Vital Statistics

Estimated mileage: 9.6
Estimated elevation gain: 3400
Time: Just under 7 hours
Trail Conditions: Trailhead to Icehouse Canyon Saddle is generally very well maintained and fairly wide in portions, you can lose the trail in some of the rocky areas but the general direction is clear. From the saddle to Timber Mountain is much skinnier to very skinny, but all of it was passable.
Trail Goodies: Beef jerky, trail mix (cranberries, cashews,and almonds ), some other sort of trail mix (vanilla pomegranate cashews? and something else, it was kind of odd) smokehouse almonds, Granola Bread
Other Notes: No snakes! No injured hikers (although I did see a dog that got a rock in the paw)! Less bugs!
BIA(Breads in Attendance): Raisin Bread, Ciabatta, Banana Nut, and Straun


Raisin Bread’s Hike Summary

After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, we actually managed to make it to Icehouse Canyon.  We had a late start because of a test Ciabatta needed to take, but that ended up being a whole big ball of sadness, too tragic to mention here.  Anyway, we picked up our wilderness permit at the visitor’s center, parked further up the mountain using our brand new adventure pass.

The day started with Straun and Ciabatta in the lead, with Banana Nut and Raisin bringing up the rear.  The trailhead featured an amusing poster griping about wasteful government spending on the property of someone living on the side of a mountain.  A river kept pace with the trail for a fair bit, and at least three cabins were occupied.  The peacefulness of living next to a spot where curious hikers stare at your house all day is questionable, but it takes all kinds, right?
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