Club Members

Or Operatives (as they’re known to those in the business)

Alpha Team:

Operative Raisin Bread: AKA Zach
Specialty: Sticky Situations
Armaments: The Oar of Dirt Canoeing, Underwear of Chumping Vulnerability(cursed)

Operative Banana Nut Bread: AKA Claudia
Specialty: Ack-the-flies-DEET-jutsu
Armaments: +5 vs Sun straw hat, the Holy Sunscreen of Grath-Nor

Operative Ciabatta: AKA Dwight
Specialty: Rising to the Occasion
Armaments: MK V Hiking pole, Booby trapped Watermelon

Operative Multigrain Straun: AKA Noel
Specialty: Providing Deliciousness
Armaments: 100 lb Bread Bomb, Backpack of Holding

Beta Team:

Barley Bannock with Blueberries: AKA Kolby
Specialty: ????
Armaments: ????

Base Camp Operatives:

Operative Cinnamon Nut Swirl: AKA Lynda
Specialty: Unknown
Armaments: Unknown

Operative Brioche: AKA Vicky
Specialty: Unknown
Armaments: Unknown


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